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Mike Dufty's Paragliding Page

A collection of my thoughts on paragliding. Most of it is written assuming you are from Western Australia like me, and the locations are Western Australia unless otherwise specified. The greyed out bits are stuff I am intending to put on line but haven't done yet. If you want to read it sending me an e-mail telling me to hurry up might help. Online Logbook - details of recent flights including photos and tracklogs.
Leonardo Online Logbook, newer flights with nicer graphics

Paragliding Stories

Manilla Open 2003(just photos with captions)

168km flight from Bakewell 2003

Converting to Hanggliding (Oz Report webpage)

Skysports Tour de France trip (WSHGC webpage)

Noondeening Hill - failed triangle Jan 2001

113km from Noondeening Hill (WA record in 2000)

Bakewell Flying April 99 - One of my first XC flights

Manilla Trip December 1998

Trip to Europe as a raw novice in 1996

(future additions - Pilbara Trip 2002, Manilla 2003, Manilla 2004, Stirlings 2004)

Photos - Some of my recent flying photos on the web, changes occasionally

Paragliding photo gallery

Paragliding Gear Reviews - Brief reviews of gear I have owned or tried.

Gradient Bliss

Ozone Octane

Ozone Proton

ITV Merak

Edel Apollo

Hornet SP

UP Pickup

Airea Cargo

Edel Galaxy

NSD Harness

Aircotec Piccolo plus vario

Uniden UH040 UHF CB Radio

Icom IC40s UHF CB Radio

Technique - some articles I have written to try to share some of what I have learned.

Ground Handling

Beach Launching

Flatland XC in WA

Favorite Sites

I have written a site guide for Western Australia which is hosted on the HGAWA web page. Below are some less formal articles on places I've enjoyed flying.

Mt Bakewell

Noondeening Hill

St Vincent






Favorite web pages Paragliding Forum - if you have any questions about paragliding, you can find answers here, some may even be correct.
Para2000 Great collection of data on just about any wing ever made, also classifieds and france site guide. (note much of the performance data is just guesstimates.
Paragliding Headquarters Australian Gradient Dealer, lots of stuff for sale, informative articles on all sorts of paragliding subjects, Victorian weather/flying info and an australian paragliding forum.
International Flight Log This web page provides a really nice way to record your flights with GPS track, photos etc on the web, it's even free.
Jerome Daoust's Paragliding Pages Excellent source of data including Jerome's collection of paragliding tips (u mut read for new pilots) and his collection of paragliding performance data including polar curves from magazine tests. Lots of other good stuff too including comprhensive links for manufactures and a collection of weird paragliding stuff.
XC Mag The website of the excellent Cross Country magazine, includes a lot of classic articles from old issues and teasers for the current one, also some news items.
Alpenglow A nice collection of articles on paragliding to read, particularly the ones on safety.
Hammer's PG South Africa Greg Hamerton's web page, some great technique articles and wing reviews and info on South Africa
Ojovolador Excellent on-line paragliding mag from Spain, but in English.
WA gliding forecast Current temp trace and weather links for Western Australia
Paraglide Western Australia
Accommodation and Flying Guide at foot of Mt Bakewell - Rod Merigan
HGAWA State flying organisation for Western Australia including WA site guide.
Active Flight
Fred Gungl's site, Skills Clinics, SIV, Tandems, Gear (Victoria).

Last Updated 30 October 2007 Michael Dufty