About Me

I learnt to Paraglide with Jiri Hlavaty and WA Paragliding Academy in 1996. I then immediately headed off to Europe and brought a glider with me, but it took a couple of years before I started to get a feel for cross country flying and got totally addicted. I love flying new places and going somewhere with just the atmosphere for power. Inland cross country flying is usuially the best way to do this, but I enjoy an occasional fly on the coast too, especially in new places and long ridges creating a challenge to get places.

I have about 600 hours total, mostly flying an Ozone Proton, which I completely wore out. I'm currently flying a Gradient Bliss and an Airea Cargo Tandem. I learnt to Hangglide in 2002 but haven't quite found the free time to really get as much out of it as I hoped and my XT 165 has been gathering dust the last year or so.

I have created web pages for the cloudbase paragliding club and a site guide for the Hang Gliding Association of Western Australia which have lots of useful info. This is just my personal stuff.

Lastly, please don't get me confused with Mick Duffy, who has been flying in hanggliders in WA forever, and is not me :)


Cheers Mike Dufty