Telemarketing Boycott

Don't you hate telemarketing phone calls? Everyone I know hates them. Why do they do it, surely no-one buys from them?

They've made it illegal in some places but not here in Australia so far. I figure the best I can do is note down the name of every company that phones and make a point of not doing business with them, and encouraging everyone else I know to not do business with them. I should also let them know why I'm not doing business with them, but I'm a bit too lazy, so I've just made this web page instead.

I have now been advised the ADMA have a voluntary telemarketing opt out list.  I have registered for this on 5 April 2006  it will be interesting to see how much difference it makes. 

You can find it at

Update June 2006 - ADMA say they will take action against anyone calling more than 6 weeks after you sign up.  I had a call from Telstra (an ADMA member) about 5 weeks and 5 days after signing up - a bit suspicious. I don't think I've had any other telemarket calls since signing up, so it seems it might work pretty well otherwise.

I'm listing the companys I'm boycotting below. If anyone has suggestions for companies to add, or other ways to help stop telemarketing, send me an e-mail.

Please avoid doing Business with the following companies until they cease telemarketing.


(The date is the last time I got a telemarketing call from them)




Written by Mike Dufty / last updated 3 June 2006©